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Online marketing is a very lucrative and ideal profession. It comes as no surprise when many individuals are leaving their regular jobs and opting to become an online marketer. Becoming an online marketer is easier said than done. You need to beware of website design which plays an important role in online marketing.

You need to understand few factors like why you want to create a website, how to create a short list, make a cost effective decision, and purchase services.

Let us have a look at them in detail:

Why you want to create a website: It won’t be surprising to note that the majority of website owners don’t have the exact answer to this question. You must know the answer to this question if you want to succeed in online marketing. You obviously create a website so that you get more online exposure. Many companies are implementing organic SEO practices that use natural writing along with quality web content using keyword domination. You will also have to work on improving marketing and sales.

Know how to create a short list: What exactly does create a short list mean? It simply means that you are establishing a plan for choosing the right web hosting service that is within in your price range. However, you must also understand the fact that just because you can’t afford some web hosting services, you must try and take factors like reliability and customer service of the web hosting company.

There are many web hosting companies that are offering cheap web hosting services,  which may not help you grow, but are ideal for those who are just starting out.

Make cost effective decisions: Knowing how to make cost effective decisions also play a crucial role in your business growth. You might want to cut back on promotions, marketing, and online marketing.

Purchase services: You might want to jump in online marketing once you find the right website design provider that can satisfy all your requirements. Online marketing is all about creating new ideas and building business brands. Once you get your first service contract, make sure that you work well along with your web design company to help increase your online presence.

You need to know that website design can either make or break your online business. If you want to dominate the first pages in search engines then you must always make sure that you have website traffic and visitors for your website.

From the above article, it is quite obvious that website design in an important factor that any online marketer must be aware of. I recommend for you jump over to Driven Web Services to learn more about what it takes to have a quality built website that your clients will enjoy.

WordPress Help

When reading any description or blog about WordPress, if you don’t come across any other word, there is one word you can never miss and that is the word “free”. This word has misled a lot of people and given them a completely delusional idea about WordPress and its functionality.

Of course, WordPress is indeed free, in the sense that you do not have to purchase it from anybody before you can use it and there are no hidden charges, for you to use the software. In fact, you could even log on to and create your very own website and manage it as well, without ever having to pay a dime for it (that is of course, if you’re only interested in the most rudimentary features). So far so good, right? 

However, if you intend to make some money with your site and you really want to gain some ground on the web, then the cost is a long way from free! Why not? What am I paying for? Well see for yourself:

  • Domain name registration
  • Hosting
  • Developer fees
  • Premium plugins
  • Security services
  • Premium themes
  • Backups and storage

All of these features come with an associated cost, WordPress or no WordPress. WordPress is not a charity organization as many people believe in their minds. They spend money on purchasing up-to-date hardware and software, that they in turn share with you, not to mention the cost of physically maintaining those facilities and servers that you gracefully enjoy. So, basically, nobody can provide those services for “free”.

Management Options for WordPress Powered Websites

  • Self-hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting

Each of these options have their cost implications and the choice of the appropriate one depends on your needs and your budget.

  1. Self-hosting: There are various self-hosting services like and HostGator, where you can host your websites for as low as $5 per month, which brings you to about $60 a year. Of course, this is the very minimum.


  1. To have your own domain name on WordPress you need to pay around $3 a month that brings you to about $36 a year. This is of course a minimum.


  1. Managed WordPress hosting: This still involves self-hosting but with the assistance of professionals who know stuff that you don’t. This service will cost you nothing less than $29 a month. Of course, you will most likely need to purchase a premium theme ($99) and you may end up spending between $448 to over $3000 per year.   

Currently, due to technological advancements, people encounter certain changes most especially on websites. Websites are imperative in a small, medium or even large businesses. That is why websites are being optimized for our mobile phones. As you noticed, there are several mobile phones nowadays. These are due to its high demand to the public most especially the users, consumers, and entrepreneurs. According to research, almost 60 percent of the population will take for granted the website with slow uploading capacity. For some people, more than 20 percent of the population will neglect buying products due to undeveloped sites installed in mobile phones.

On the other hand, even though the internet can only be accessed through our cell phones and tablets; it must be mobile friendly.The following are the helpful tips on making a mobile-friendly website:

Create a simple website design. The designs should be relevant and straightforward, most especially since the users are handling small mobile devices. It will significantly affect its loading ability.

Application of responsive technological support. It is a proper method of lay-outing the elements from the grid into various screen sizes to make it well-spaced on the mobile.  It is an excellent approach towards website development. Aside from this, it is easy to manage, and it provides SEO benefits.

Easier to navigate using one thumb. It will allow options on the mobile screen to be selected quickly and prevent accidental taps.

Brief and concise contents satisfy the mobile users. It is much easier to text and scrolled immediately.

Viewport meta tag must be included. It will aid in informing the browser regarding the page to be fitted in the mobile screen for the benefit of efficient workload.

Application of standard icons and high-resolution images must be considered. The use of images and symbols assist mobile users in keeping the site well-managed. On the other side, the use of high and advanced resolution images will prevent blurred images when seen on screen.

It should be fastest as it is. Larger data files must be cut down to speed the process of a website. Ratios and resolutions must be reduced. As much as possible, the resizing and cropping is needed to facilitate safe browsing experience of the mobile users.

Manage the location of phone numbers, addresses and contact information. In this manner, users will have easier access and faster browsing.

Use of videos is necessary. It is an excellent strategy for a mobile site to attach videos. A Large percentage of users watch videos on the mobile than in their laptops. It is advised to use lightweight video player for a better viewing moments. Use Youtube Videos as recommended. This method is effective for a great viewing on your mobile devices.

The availability of forms in mobiles is present. It should be reduced in numbers and sizes built in for mobile devices.

Geolocations in cell phones are important. It gives proper directions and connections to any business establishments and social medias.

Mobile phones’ website must be checked on different devices. It is to make sure that the operating systems devices are running properly so that your visitors will have a great experience. Ask somebody to test the site and evaluate after that. Check it on other mobile phones or tablets.

Now that you already have a handful of ideas on how to make a mobile friendly website, changes must be implemented to your site. In the end, creating a mobile-friendly website is not easy at all. It is a big challenge for most developers. According to a famous philosopher, change is the only inevitable thing in this world. Changes are transpiring in the mobile world. The business rapidly grows. Demands increases. Building a mobile-friendly website is not a huge expense at all, but rather it is a significant investment for developers which in turn as users, buyers, consumers, are the primary beneficiary at all times.


On page SEO is important for better website rankings and a successful online marketing campaign. Optimizing your website will make it easier for visitors to access your website and search engines to find you.

On page SEO includes the procedures and strategies a website owner or web designer will implement on an entire website to optimize the site for search engines.

5 essential tips for on page SEO

1. Quality content- Content is the meat of a website. Content needs to be up-to-date, informative, accurate, valuable and interesting to your readers. Google is very strict on the quality of content it returns to readers and will not hesitate to penalize websites that have low quality content. To ensure your content is up to the mark avoid over using keywords, ensure your content is unique and not copied from anywhere else, update your website with accurate content regularly, provide value to readers and stick to your niche.

2. Use attractive graphics- Graphics are not only pleasing to the eye but relay information faster. Uploading attractive graphics related to your niche will help break the monotony of large boring chunks of texts. Just like content make sure that your graphics are interesting, valuable and informative to your readers. In addition make sure to use related keywords and titles to describe your images. Optimizing your graphics will help your website rank higher on search engines in addition to making easier for people to find your site when they do a keyword related search on search engines

3. Optimize page load speeds- Nothing is as frustrating as a website that takes ages to load. Potential visitors will move on to other websites if your site takes more than a few seconds to load. Google takes note of a website’s speed for ranking purposes. It’s therefore important to get rid of any unnecessary items such as outdated graphics, video, plugins, music players etc. Ensure that you reduce the size of your images and video to give visitors a fast download experience.

4. Making your website mobile friendly- As technology advances, better and more sophisticated mobile devices are finding their way into many people’s hands. People nowadays can access internet on mobile devices, anywhere in the word. Making your site mobile friendly will make it possible for people to access your site using their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. A responsive website will not only make it possible for people to access and view your site using their small screened mobile devices but will increase Google rankings. Google and other search engines take into account how responsive a website is for purposes of ranking.

5. Make proper use of keywords- Keywords are important phrases that help readers find your site from the many that there are online. There are thousands if not millions of websites online, using keywords helps visitors find your site when they type a key phrase related to your niche. Use keywords on the title, tagline, Meta description, body, and domain name and other places where it matters most, taking care not to overdo it. As much as keywords are important for on page SEO, you want to avoid spamming your site with too many keywords. A key density lower than 5% is recommended as ideal.

On page search engine optimization is very important for success in your marketing strategies. A properly optimized site will make it easy for people to find you online, help your site rank better on search engines, make it easy for people to access your website using mobile devices and give you a better competitive edge.